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Driven by a passion for creating meaningful spaces, I am an architectural designer with a deep commitment to sustainability, innovation, and collaboration. With a strong interest in sociology and an awareness of the social impact of design, I strive to create environments that enhance the well-being of their users while minimizing their ecological footprint. I am always seeking to expand my knowledge; currently pursuing my LEEP AP BD+C certificate, I am dedicated to staying current with emerging technologies, sustainable practices, and industry trends. My goal is to leverage my skills and creativity to contribute to projects that make a positive impact on the communities we serve.

MA | 2022 - 2023

• Drafted Test Fits, Schematic Designs, and CD sets using both AutoCad and Revit.

• Modeled existing conditions and new builds using Revit.
• Worked on large-scale health care projects.

• Created visualizations using Lumion.


MA | 2021 - 2022

• Accurately created Code Review and Due Diligence reports. 

• Drafted Test Fits, Schematic Designs, and CD sets using both AutoCad and Revit.

• Modeled existing conditions and new builds using Revit.
• Worked on fast paced projects with a client that has over 875 locations in 37 states. 

• Created visualizations using Lumion.

MA | 2020-2021

• Collaborated with interior designers to generate floor plans, elevations, and other drawings necessary for the renovation of company properties.

• Worked with vendors to find the best products for the brand. 
• Created Digital Content.
• Arranged personal tasks; coordinated errands, household duties, and wardrobe.


Maine | 2018-2019

• Drafted Construction Documents in AutoCAD.

• Created visualizations using Sketchup and Vray. 

• Created existing conditions drawings in AutoCAD
• Ability to work on multiple projects simultaneously.
• Worked on small-to-large scale high-end projects.
• Worked on high-end residential 


Maine | 2018-2019

As President I worked closely with the AIAS Officer Board, collateral organizations, along with the faculty and staff of the University to coordinate the efforts of the AIAS as the student voice. The role required the setting of the AIAS agenda, running executive board meetings, and the responsibility of attending conventions. Along with other external responsibilities, this position oversaw social events and the marketing team directly, while being highly accessible and maintaining high levels of communication with all officers.

Bringing Freedom By Design to UMA was a primary goal in my first months as AIAS President. As FBD’s first Director I acted as the primary link between the local AIAS chapter FBD program and the AIAS National Office. Responsible for oversight of the program, attending the annual AIAS Freedom by Design track at AIAS Grassroots, leading client interviews, overseeing the selection process, and helping to lead a team through the design-build process in our local communities.


Boston | 2013-2015

• Helped lead a dynamic sales & finance team to drive outstanding results. 
• Effectively and efficiently worked with customers, employees, and vendors to complete monthly objectives. 
• Awarded the top-grossing F&I manager in the company
• Teamed up with executives to prepare monthly and quarterly reports for the CEO.

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